DryCræft Los Angeles: Co-Founder
Illyrian Players: Producing Director
Hot N Throbbing
Kiss of Death
Two Girls One Bard: Romeo & Juliet
Tiny Rhino
DryCræft Los Angeles: Co-Founder
DryCræft Los Angeles: Co-Founder

DryCræft Los Angeles

Executive Producer of Ongoing Immersive Experiences ...

The Society


Wolf Trail

Illyrian Players: Producing Director
Illyrian Players: Producing Director

Red Letter Project — Community performance site-specific plays benefitting Planned Parenthood

Good Shepherd Shelter — Created weekly theatre classes for young victims of domestic violence

Hot ’N’ Throbbing — Produced critically acclaimed production of Paula Vogel’s play

Kiss of Death – Creator of this world premiere, multi-stage immersive theatre spectacle 

Two Girls One Bard – World premiere production of this irreverent comedy, Hollywood Fringe

Was it Rape Then?

Wrote, produced and edited this short in collaboration with Makers United, Fractured Shakespeare, More Than No and Lady Brain

CURA // produced and directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Branded content for Standard Razors and Cartel Coffee

produced and directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Ad Objective:
Cast, design, produce and direct the pilot episodes of branded content for the web-based start-up, Cura, which seeks to create space as a "QVC for millennials," by pairing curators with compatible products. The aesthetic requested was upscale, offbeat, and dry. 

This is a compilation of the first two spots created for Cura.

Director of Photography: Sean McDaniel


A sampling of clips from projects produced or directed by Thaddeus Shafer.

Hot N Throbbing
Hot N Throbbing

produced by Thaddeus Shafer and Arie Levine with The Illyrian Players in association with Watts Village Theatre Company.

-Listed in Stage Raw's Top Ten productions in Los Angeles

"Hot 'N' Throbbing is a stark, real drama; the Illyrian-Watts production is focused, often funny, finally horrible and heartbreaking. It's not easy to be part of this modern -- and, alas, timeless -- tragedy. But it's worth it. If we don't do this with our theatre, what are we doing?"

-Theatre Ghost


Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death

Produced by Thaddeus Shafer with The Illyrian Players

A sexy, immersive, theatrically-haunted Halloween Happening, 'Kiss of Death' was given its inaugural production in October of 2015.

Audience members weave through theatrical installations both eerie and alluring. Deep inside a lounge, a party is in full swing, complete with a bar, burlesque, bands, DJs, and dance floor. 

Featuring Pieces Directed by:
< Zach Brown
< Eric Hoff
< Bruce A. Lemon Jr. 
< Jessica Salans
< Valerie Vasilas
< play collaborative arts

With Musical Acts:
< 2Human
< Birth Day
< Enemy Proof
< Hanging Gardens
< Dan Holguin
< Adrion Smart
< Toy Light
< TJ Walsh

And Burlesque by:

<Chrishauna DiShel

<Victoriano Roza

<Kirby LaBrea

<Leggy Lass Greenleaf

<Dzaniella Nani

<Madeline Harris


Two Girls One Bard: Romeo & Juliet
Two Girls One Bard: Romeo & Juliet

produced by Thaddeus Shafer w The Illyrian Players

Adapted and Performed by Alison Elliott and Peggy Sinnott

Directed by Carly D. Weckstein

Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015


Tiny Rhino
Tiny Rhino

Curated six playwrights and paired them with six directors in this monthly one act play festival.

featuring plays written by:

Megan Breen (dir. Eric Hoff)

Bruce A. Lemon Jr. (dir. Jonny Taylor)

Patrick Hayle (dir. Charissa J. Adams)

Thaddeus Shafer (dir. Rodney To)

Beau Smith (dir. Kari Lee Cartwright)

Michael Uribes (dir. Erica Hanrahan)


Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift

Transmedia comedy project that incorporated stage, video, and social media. 

-2014 New York International Fringe Festival

-2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival (nominated for best solo performance)

For the stage show commissioned the work of seven female playwrights:

Joanna Bateman

Lily Blau

Caitlin Bower

Kari Lee Cartwright

Joanna Garner

Kit Steinkellner

Nadia Vazquez