Person's Reset
Person's Reset
Person's Reset

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

In post-production



Charissa J Adams

Audrey Henry

Jonny Taylor

Mary Josephine Anderson

Paul Pesnell


Branded content for Standard Razors and Cartel Coffee

produced and directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Ad Objective:
Cast, design, produce and direct the pilot episodes of branded content for the web-based start-up, Cura, which seeks to create space as a "QVC for millennials," by pairing curators with compatible products. The aesthetic requested was upscale, offbeat, and dry. 

This is a compilation of the first two spots created for Cura.

Director of Photography: Sean McDaniel


That Cookie Smell

A Short Film

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Starring Kari Lee Cartwright, Arianna America, Mary Jo Anderson 

Written by Carolyn Templin & Randall Templin

Produced by Charissa J Adams & Kari Lee Cartwright

Director of Photography: Audrey Matos




What NOT to say to Rape Survivors

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

A PSA for More Than 'No'


Last Wishes

Last Wishes (a one act play)

by David Stern

Tiny Rhino July 24, 2015