Harvest Moon Rising
Person's Reset
Nocturnal Reverse (Trailer)

Multi-location, ticketed immersive experience. A culminating event of the ongoing alternate reality experience, TheBoanthropic.


Harvest Moon Rising
Harvest Moon Rising

A multi-location ticketed immersive adventure through Los Angeles as part of the ongoing alternate reality experience, TheBoanthropic. 


Read a recollection of the event.

Save Mary, Save the Moon Child

An ongoing interactive adventure within the alternate reality experience, TheBoanthropic. 

This video was posted by Eva Anderson onto her facebook account in the midst of her ongoing interactions (both physical and digital) with immersive characters in an unfolding saga of Mary, a young pregnant member of The Society, held against her will in The Society's mountain compound. 

Read an in-depth summary of the summer '17 story of TheBoanthropic / The Society that this was a part of. 

Person's Reset
Person's Reset

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

In post-production



Charissa J Adams

Audrey Henry

Jonny Taylor

Mary Josephine Anderson

Paul Pesnell


Branded content for Standard Razors and Cartel Coffee

produced and directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Ad Objective:
Cast, design, produce and direct the pilot episodes of branded content for the web-based start-up, Cura, which seeks to create space as a "QVC for millennials," by pairing curators with compatible products. The aesthetic requested was upscale, offbeat, and dry. 

This is a compilation of the first two spots created for Cura.

Director of Photography: Sean McDaniel


That Cookie Smell

A Short Film

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

Starring Kari Lee Cartwright, Arianna America, Mary Jo Anderson 

Written by Carolyn Templin & Randall Templin

Produced by Charissa J Adams & Kari Lee Cartwright

Director of Photography: Audrey Matos




What NOT to say to Rape Survivors

Directed by Thaddeus Shafer

A PSA for More Than 'No'


Last Wishes

Last Wishes (a one act play)

by David Stern

Tiny Rhino July 24, 2015